Announcing Bf-Pd v1.0

We are excited to announce the 1.0 release of Bf-Pd, a library for spontaneous collaboration between digital instruments. Bf-Pd is a set of abstractions for PureData (Pd) which enables communication and cooperation between digital instruments. Bf-Pd allows musicians to share parameter control data between instruments on the same local area network. In other words, Bf-Pd makes it easier to have spontaneous jam sessions! Bf-Pd consists of a set of Pd objects that can be easily integrated into an existing or new instrument, and it provides a “collaboration window” from which musicians can easily view each others’ activities and share control of instrument parameters and other musical data.

Bf-Pd can be downloaded at or installed with Deken. Bf-Pd comes with example instruments and documentation accessible from both the downloaded repository (in the 'doc folder') or online at .

Bf-Pd has been developed as part of the BOEUF project led by Florent Berthaut at Université de Lille and Luke Dahl at University of Virginia. More information on the project, including publications and demo videos can be found at

We hope you find Bf-Pd useful in your collaborative music making, and we look forward to hearing the music you make!

Flo & Luke